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When we bought our current house, the existing family bathroom was tiny and we knew immediately we’d have to extend it. We wanted a larger more spacious bathroom, that’d give us a room for relaxation after a hard day’s work. We think we achieved that and actually, the bathroom is my favourite room in our house. In this post I’m going to talk about the 3 tips we used for creating a luxurious bathroom.

In 2017 we are going to be under-taking a total house renovation project on what will hopefully be our family home for years to come and one of the rooms that I want to emulate from our current house, is the bathroom. Here’s what we did…

Creating a Luxurious Bathroom

1. A separate bath and shower
It was really important to us to be able to lay back in a bath and feel like there was space around us. The bath was our show-stopper piece, as we opted for a roll-top corner bath that dominates the bathroom. It was big enough so we could enjoy baths together and now we have a child (and romance is out the window), it’s perfect for her to splash around in too! You can find something similar at Gul Group.

2. Lighting
It’s a necessity to have good lighting in a bathroom, particularly for during the day. But when you want to soak up the stresses of a hard day, dim lighting is a must. We therefore chose a 3-spot lighting in the ceiling, on a dimmer, as well as softer mirror lighting above the sink. (I also add some candles if I’m feeling like I really want to create a luxurious bathroom).

3. Towels
A luxurious bathroom isn’t complete without some soft, fluffy towels. A matching set is a must to give that overall chic look.

I’d say these are the 3 most important tips for creating a luxurious bathroom, in my eyes (*glass of wine optional*). But for a few more ideas, check out this amazing graphic…

creating a luxurious bathroom gul hollygoeslightly

Mmmm writing this post has made me really want to go and have a long, luxurious soak in our bath now. In fact, I’m going to!

Are you planning on creating a luxurious bathroom? 

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog in the new year, as I’ll be documenting our house renovation progress, as well as our design inspo and ideas!