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Saturday Lunch in London – A review of Pitt Cue Co

I’ve been wanting to head to Pitt Cue Co for a long time now as I’d heard many good things (and I know it’s an inspiration for my favourite Manchester restaurant Southern Eleven). With a long bank holiday weekend in London and a love of ribs, that’s where we decided to have our lunch on Saturday!

Now the place is tiny…seriously tiny…they only seat 30! So you have to get there early or be prepared to wait. Luckily we were aware of this so were lurking outside like foody weirdos at 11.45am! I’m glad as we’d avoided breakfast and psyched ourselves up for some American ribby goodness, so were among the first bunch in and sat downstairs in their cosy, dimly lit dining area.Continue reading

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30-day No Pasta Challenge

So Pasta is one of my favourite foods, if not THE favourite and ultimately, I eat too much of it! I love everything about it: the different shapes, the sauces that go with it, the cheese that inevitably goes on top of it! As you might know from my other posts about this Italian delight, one of my favourite dishes is spaghetti with garlic, chilli and olive oil and I would say I eat this once or twice a week…at least.

The only problem is, I also suffer pretty regularly with stomach discomfort and bloating (I’ll leave it at that and spare you the detail!). I’ve suffered from this for a while now (well years I’m ashamed to admit) and  as much as it pains me to do this, I need to see how my body reacts when I deprive it of the carborific goodness.Continue reading

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Sunday dinner at Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

Following today’s awesome photo shoot (more of that later), the girlies and I headed for a bite to eat. We opted for Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

Perfect for a plateful of yummy grub, good portions and comfortable surroundings, Home Sweet Home is located on Edge Street (next to Common Bar) in the Northern Quarter. It has a comfortable, homely interior with nick-nacks on the walls and an eclectic mix of furniture. This seemed like the ideal spot for a girly dinner, washed down with a glass or two of Prosecco – and we chose well!

menu at home sweet home northern quarter manchesterContinue reading