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chorlton green brasserie seared scallops hollygoeslightly
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Chorlton Green Brasserie

Being a Chorlton-ite, I love pretty much everything on Beech Road and one place that is creeping up to being my favourite eatery, is the Chorlton Green Brasserie.

Located at the top of the road, just before you reach the Horse and Jockey, this little gem is nestled just before the corner and if you blink, you might miss it. But it’s understated elegance and chic but comfy interior, make it always welcoming. Continue reading

afternoon tea at the great john street hotel dessert stand hollygoeslightly
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Afternoon Tea at the Great John Street Hotel

I had the pleasure of enjoying Afternoon Tea at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester recently – one of my favourite hotels!

Me and the girlies enjoyed the Ladies Afternoon Tea but also got stuck into the Gent’s version too (yes, they have a different, more masculine offering for the lads). The girls enjoyed theirs with a glass of bubbles, but I had mine with sparkling elderflower, which made me feel like I was drinking 🙂

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the ultimate chocolate orange cake hollygoeslightly
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The Ultimate Chocolate Orange Cake

I don’t often post a lot of recipes on here. I like to eat, I like to cook, but I’m not hugely accomplished in the kitchen and don’t always have a lot of time. But when Valentine’s Day loomed, I knew I had to surprise hubby with something he’d love…welcome The Ultimate Chocolate Orange Cake!

Now as I say, I’m not accomplished, so I totally followed a recipe for this one, but added in my own tweaks to make it to mine and hubby’s taste and maximise on the chocolatey-oranginess (that is a word!).Continue reading