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the return of slimming world hollygoeslightly
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The Return of Slimming World

Those of you who have followed my journey on this blog, will know that I’ve dabbled with dieting and reaching my ideal weight has been an on-going task for me.

Since my wedding (over 3 years ago), I’ve not been at my personal ideal weight. I’ve let the lbs creep on slowly but surely, started to avoid having my photo taken quite so much and deluded myself into thinking that the shops had changed their sizing structure and really I wasn’t that dress size, it was just the shop that sized their clothing wrongly.Continue reading

jamies italian an ode to pasta hollygoeslightly
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An Ode to Pasta

If you’ve read my blog, particularly my food and travel posts, you’ll know that I LOVE pasta! It is genuinely my favourite food in the world and I could happily eat it every day (and nearly do!).

I also a little bit love Jamie Oliver (just a little bit) and Jamie’s Italian is one of my go-to places for seriously good fresh pasta. The pasta is always made fresh on site and there’s an interesting variety, including some you definitely don’t see on your average supermarket shelf. You can check out my review of Jamie’s in Manchester for more thoughts on that.Continue reading